Your brand, looked after by the people that care

Brand integrity is just part of the puzzle that makes you stand out. You want to know that the right people are looking after it.

Trust that your brand vision and identity are in good hands with your very own personal account management and technical support team.

A safe pair of hands from day one

At Pulse, we ensure that both your account team and technical support are given everything they need to make your packaging everything you hoped for.

This isn’t limited to just artwork.

Our discovery meetings are there to wring out every last drop of what makes your brand special, leaving little room for error so our designers and studio operators can get down to what they do best.

man in a crown with cardboard sword and shield


Every aspect of the creative process is managed through multiple consistency checks to ensure that what you want is what you get.

Whether its colour management or, testing out design impact in our retail theatre, we aim to protect your brand every step of the way.


A mechanically sound artwork is often overlooked, but not by us.

No longer do you have to worry about missing key information and legally compliant details with our artwork and repro department.

Getting to know you!

But most importantly, at Pulse we love a good brand to chew on.

So we make it our business to really dive into what makes yours special and create designs that connect with you and your customers.

3D renders

Before taking your design to print, you can take advantage of our bespoke 3D rendering service.

Watch as your vision comes to life with realistic and highly detailed digital visualisation and see how your products will look on the shelves.

weebox packaging 2
3d collage of food packaging
different fists together

Efficiency in mind

Once you’re happy with your design, we’re already thinking and planning for the next steps.

Printer specs collated, check! Colour profile validated, check! Masters and clones selected for maximum cost and time efficiencies, check!

Now we’re ready to produce mechanically correct artwork while driving amendments loops down.

Let’s get to work