Bringing you the latest ITR technology

At Pulse, we believe in technical integrity without ever sacrificing great design.

That’s why we always keep our eyes peeled for the newest tech to help us do just that. Our continuous print sleeve solution is no exception. Using the round sleeves, we can now offer a greener alternative that delivers the same high quality results.

Continuous print sleeves for continuous progress

Improved productivity

When you’ve got a press to run, you just want to boost efficiency with hassle-free print, right?

ITR sleeves don’t suffer from plate lift issues, allowing for faster press speeds.

Reduce waiting time on common repeats within a range, as the first job is running, the second set of ITRs are waiting beside the press.

With no mounting process, you’re removing the worry of misregistration by using stable and consistent print media.

Easy peasy.

Precision at scale

Elastomer continuous sleeve compounds have the unique ability to withstand corrosive chemicals or varnishes that polymers can’t live with.

As well as improved ink transfer across large surface areas, our HD energy-efficient multi-channel diode laser tech can produce accurate and stable dot structures for high screen tonal print. Unlike any lower grade carbon dioxide laser tech.

Relief depths can be increased to improve the lifespan of pad rollers for long running print orders or common colours too.

Reduced costs

ITR sleeves demand less operative handling at the press. No stripping means no plate tear, dramatically reducing the risk of damage.

The innovative performance of our elastomer sleeves generates a more even and finished print surface.

Available in an unlimited number of core and repeat sleeve sizes, we’ve got all your print requirements covered.

Continuous print sleeves 2

A greener alternative

At Pulse, we’re committed to putting things in place that allow us to be as sustainable as possible. Our continuous print sleeves are a greener alternative that don’t sacrifice quality, providing you with packaging that still packs a punch.

We’re big on recycling. That’s why our sleeves can be reused several times after the first normal use with our unique refurbish scheme. Saving money, waste and most importantly the environment.

Continuous print sleeves 3 Continuous print sleeves 4
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