Hitting the beat of production with flexo plates

We make it our business to know why flexo printing plates are just so special.

Through years of extensive testing and investment Pulse has come up with the perfect colour management to plate solution, producing high quality prints under the most demanding production environments.

Flexo by name, flexible by nature

Industry leading quality plate making

Our highly technical plate team is proud to offer clients precision platemaking services, by applying acute tolerances and measurements to make sure your plates are made to the highest standards in a clean and controlled environment.

Technology that enhances HD printing

How about using a flexo plate like an anilox with special Digicap patterns on the surface of the plate to help deliver even ink coverage, higher density and sharp tonal reproduction?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Pureflexo Digicap technology can be tuned to your press and absorb unwanted harmonics for better print consistency through the run time after time.

Set-up flexibility that saves production time

Are you looking for reduced set-up times, less material waste, fewer stoppages for plate cleaning and increased press speeds for maximum production efficiencies?

If that’s ticked boxes, then you’ve just hit the jackpot with Kodak NX Pureflexo technology. We have proven case studies based on real production environments to show you how much time and costs you could be saving.

printer 2
Flexographic plate 2


With constant demands to reduce costs and waste while increasing throughput, the only way to achieve this is with a colour management to plate packaged solution.

While Pulse can provide you with award winning flexo plate technology, this has to be supported with accurate colour management and a high level of technical support for it to work. This is where Pulse comes into its own.


As well as providing HD Kodak NX Pureflexo plates, we also have a variety of standard CDI plate manufactured materials for you to select from, complemented with all the latest screening technology from Esko and other providers.

You can also mix and match these with our elastomer continuous sleeves so that you’ve got the all-round print media package.

Flexographic plate 3 Flexographic plate 4
Flexographic plate 5