Taking the hassle out of the packaging process

At Pulse we always want to be better. Better packaging, design, and technology, we’re always progressing.

That’s why we understand the importance of a good management information system. Experience Pulse Online – our bespoke and easy to use artwork processing system.

Being the best is always evolving

Online briefing

Diminish admin time with online briefing. Our system gathers all the right information that’s bespoke to you and your packaging product.

Built with all the right features that allow you to automate tasks, save time correcting errors, and improve your speed to market. And hey, reduce your costs at the same time! We all know time is money.

Online approvals

Direct your efforts towards the nicer things in life with the simplicity of online approvals.

What can be easier than green to go and red to stop with our user friendly traffic light approval system.

At a glance see where all your projects are with colour coded live status reporting. Sorry Excel!

Pulse Online’s pinpoint annotation tool and supporting artwork function helps spot unwanted differences. Everything is logged and date stamped for your reference whenever you need. It’s super hassle free.

Library asset management

Benefit even further with our library asset management.

We’ve come a long way since complicated and  muddled filing systems.

All file types are stored in one structured central library for easy finding.

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Put your trust in us

Whether you want to create artwork briefs, manage approvals or create asset libraries for different groups. Pulse Online will speed up the whole process. Our accredited and certified specification keeps your data safe and sound, and you stress free!

For those more technically challenging projects, we’ve also invested in Esko Webcenter to give you the extra support you need.

Say goodbye to stress and come and have a go!

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