Stay true to your colours

Be remembered for all the right reasons with expertly handled colour management.

It’s easy for your colours to lose their lustre – managing a number of different substrates or maybe your presses weren’t optimised properly before use. We understand the struggle, trust us.

With Pulse, you don’t have to fade into the background. Our robust colour management system ensures your colours remain picture perfect from beginning to end.

Colour management nerds, and proud

Laying foundations

Before anything can take place, we fingerprint a press to give us accurate and repeatable printing data to set an achievable target.

This allows us to provide accurate colour proofs. Every. Single. Time

Quality assurance beyond measure

Paint by numbers isn’t just for fun.

We promote the same principles in print by taking precise measurements and replicating those numbers on the press.

Each part of the process has set tolerances that we manage using the latest technology and expertise.

Proof of perfection

Managing expectations is the key to success.

We do this by providing accurate GMG Open Colour target proofs, containing all the press data needed to show you that what you see is what you’ll get on press.

printed images

Discover the real impact of colour

We make it our policy that no shade, tint, tone or hue should ever feel overlooked. And we do this by dedicating time to research the physics and psyche behind colour. Viscosity and emotion can both influence colour.

All of this keeps your colours looking as fresh and vibrant as the day they were picked.

Less ‘colour reduction’, more colour convenience

Expand your packaging potential and reduce your packaging print costs with our fixed colour palette printing solution.

printer Colour management
Colour management 2